Here is the list of trainings that we schedule on a regular basis. For each training, you have three options: reserve the proposed date, download the information sheet in PDF format, or mark your interest for another date. Depending on the requests for certain dates, we plan our future trainings. Feel free to mark your interest for a specific date if the proposed one does not suit you.

Upcoming trainings

Formation Harada

Training Harada Method
Training venue in Corbais 8-9 July 2020

Formation Prince2 - Wcan

Training Prince2 Foundation v2017
 Training venue in Corbais 8-9-10 december 2020

Our other trainnigs

If you are interested in one of our trainings but the dates do not suit you, click on the button “Other dates” under this one. You can then specify dates that correspond more to your availability. We will then contact you quickly to find a suitable solution.